Consume 15 minutes before physical activities:

Choice Smart,
Choice Celsius!

  • Burns 100kcal or more
  • Increase fat burning
  • More resistances to fatigue
  • Better cardiovascular capacity
  • Increase of body temperature (thermogenesis)

  • Without sugar
  • No preservatives
  • No fructose corn syrup
  • No aspartame
  • No color or artificial flavor
  • Very low amount of sodium
  • Taste: acai, raspberry and green tea
  • Lightly carbonated

  • Celsius does not produce weight loss by it self. It must be associated with healthy diet and moderate exercise.
    Up to 02 cans per day, with a few hours apart.

    Proven Effectiveness

    • Average increase metabolism was 12% over a period of 3 hours, compared to a placebo.
      Ohio Research Group - Presented in June/05 - Posted on Sep/07.

    • The use of only 1 (one) can of Celsius burns an average over 100 calories.
      Lab. Biochemistry Applied and Molecular University of Oklahoma – Presented in June/07 – Posted on Feb/08.

    • Daily consumption of 1 (one) can of Celsius for 28 days showed no adverse changes in important health markers (cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure, etc.) and burned 100 calories on average.
      Lab. Biochemistry Applied and Molecular University of Oklahoma - Posted on Oct/08.

    • Study of 10 weeks with older college women and men drinking 1 (one) can of Celsius before moderate exercise indicated fat loss above 93%, 50% more muscle mass, 62% better cardiovascular fitness, and increased 32% of resistance in comparison with the group who took placebo and followed the same standardized exercise regimen.
      Lab. Biochemistry Applied and Molecular University of Oklahoma -. Published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, in Set/08.

    • Overweight and obese women who drank 1 (one) can of Celsius before moderate exercise had increased loss of fat, gained muscle mass, increased strength in performance, with significant improvement in blood lipid levels compared to the results with only the exercises.
      46% of participants had an increase in fat loss, 27% more muscle mass and an increase in resistance of 35% in performance. Drinking Celsius with or without exercise indicated a significant drop in total cholesterol (5-13%) and the bad LDL cholesterol (12-18%). Exercise by itself had no impact on levels of blood lipids.
      Department of Health and Exercise, University of Oklahoma - Sep/10.

    • Sedentary men who drank 1 (one) can of Celsius before practicing moderate exercise had a significant improvement in body composition, decreased body fat and had cardiorespiratory improvement above the levels obtained only with the exercises.
      The participants presented: 78% increase in the loss of fat, a 79% increase endurance performance, and loss of 2.97 kg of fat.
      Human Performance Lab - Dep. Of Health and Exercise, University of Oklahoma - Posted on Nov / 09.

    • Complete study of the product (concentrate and powder) had not yet reported the same results MetaPlus in these formats.
      Research Institute of Miami.

    Nutritional Chart


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